Writing Services

Developmental Editing

Fiction editing that focuses on the foundations and scaffolding of your story: character, voice, theme, world building, setting, plot and structure.

I’ve taught writing at the college and workshop level, been a member of a bi-weekly critique group for the better part of ten years, and I attended Clarion West in 2018.

I know how painful it can be to pour your heart into your story, only to be told it still needs a lot of work—almost as painful as multiple rejections on a story you’ve taken as far as you can. That’s why my editorial approach is rooted in encouragement, while deeply engaging with your story and offering insights into where it shines and where it needs refining.


$.05/word for stories up to 7,500 words

$.04/word for 7,501 – 25,000 words

$.03/word for 25,001-80,000 words


I’ll ask for the first five pages of your work to assess whether I’m the right editor for your story. Once we decide to work together, you’ll send me the full manuscript and a brief (no more than a couple of paragraphs) statement about your reasons for writing this story, your goals for it, and whether you see it in conversation with anything else.

Along with comments in the text, I’ll write an editorial letter highlighting the strengths of the piece, areas for improvement, questions and suggestions to help you address those areas, and recommended readings.

Obituaries for the Living and the Dead

Literary profiles that go beyond a list of dates and facts to tell the story of a life as unique as the person who lived it.

As the years progress, it’s easy to lose sight of all we’ve accomplished and the stories we’ve accumulated.

Whether part of end-of-life planning or as a gift to commemorate a major event, such as retirement, living obituaries are an opportunity to gather those memories with the assistance of an experienced story-teller.


$300 for 500-700 word profile

$450 for 701-1000 word profile


One hour video conference to discuss yours or your loved one’s life.

I’ll draft the profile and send it to you for thoughts/edits.

I’ll revise the draft and return it to you.

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