E.C. Barrett writes fiction, nonfiction, and literary criticism, and offers fiction writing workshops and developmental editing.

As a communications writer, she has worked with clients from Cornell University, American International College, and elsewhere, to translate complex research and concepts into compelling stories for a lay audience. Links to a sample of these stories can be found here.

Barrett has a B.A. in creative writing from Wells College and M.A. in social and political philosophy from Binghamton University, where she taught writing and literature for six years. She attended Clarion West Writers Workshop in 2018, Community of Writers in 2021, and was a 2019 Saltonstall Fellow. Her debut short story appeared in Bourbon Penn and was named a top ten must-read for the month by Tor.com. Her latest stories have appeared in Baffling Magazine and Reckoning.

She was awarded first place in police/crime/court coverage by the New York Press Association for her Ithaca Times cover story on the City of Ithaca’s contract negotiations with the police union.

Barrett built a house in the woods, with her craftsman partner, from trees they felled, milled, and raised by hand. Now they’re slowly renovating an old farmhouse under the shade of a massive spruce tree that surely contains the spirit of an ancient trickster god.

email: barrett.ec at gmail.com

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